Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden

Web developer &
magazine entrepreneur

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Easily sell subscriptions and manage your subscribers. Aimed at independent publishers. E-commerce solution and a powerful subscriber management platform.



The wikipedia of magazines and community for magazine fans. Since 2012.



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Some of my freelance work and personal projects

Magazine News

Simple curation of magazine-related news with upvoting. Built with Flask.

Stack Magazines

Development of API-based subscription solution based on Chargebee, Stripe and GoCardless. Backend with data processing and syncing with MailChimp and Newsstand. Built with Django.


Design, development and deployment of weekly magazine deal site, with Stripe payments and a custom backend including MailChimp and Newsstand integrations. Built with Django.

Mag Heroes

A podcast I used to host about magazines and the people who make them. Jekyll site, podcast hosted on Simplecast.

Offscreen Magazine

Development of e-commerce solution powered by a custom ordering API, with PayPal and Stripe payments. Plus a powerful order and customer backend system. Built with Django.

Magpile Awards

Annual awards program for magazines (2012–2014). Nominations made by Magpile users, with award shortlists judged by industry professionals and experts.