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I’m starting a podcast

I’m starting a podcast

“No More Mondays” has launched today.

No More Mondays is currently on hiatus.

One of my new focusses for 2022 is “more content”.

More writing, more posts, more exposure for my projects.

And one such content project is a brand new podcast.

The podcast

I'm starting No More Mondays with James McKinven, a Twitter friend and podcaster. He's also English, a fellow indie maker, has a great radio voice and a ton of experience making podcasts.

I had a podcast before (Mag Heroes, about indie magazines), so this isn't brand new for me, but it's been two years since I last recorded anything and I'm very excited. I love the audio medium.

My co-host

James runs a podcast production service making podcasts for other people, has a podcast course, his own podcast called Indie Bites (one of my favourite podcasts), and a leather products business.

Along with my group of products, we'll have a lot to talk about and learn form each other each week!

The name

As we discuss in our first episode, the name “No More Mondays” is an ode to our unstructured weeks and independent work lives. Now that we work for ourselves and on our own terms, we have amazingly flexible work schedules, and we don't have “Mondays” any more.

What we'll talk about

The podcast is going to cover what we're working on, our plans, ideas and failures. It will be very similar to what we do on Twitter, but in more detail and in a perhaps nicer format/medium.

It's also a great reason to have a break from working and have a chat with a fellow indie maker. Honestly, this part is what I'm looking forward to most; a weekly block in the diary to chill out, bounce ideas off someone and have a two-way "consultation" about our projects.

The first episode is out now

Today, the first episode was released 🎉

It's an introduction to our projects (and our pets) and lays out our plans for the show.

You can listen here or in any podcast app (just search for “No More Mondays”).

Thank you for listening in! If you have any feedback or questions about the stuff we talk about, there'll be a tweet shared in each episode's show notes. We're looking forward to hearing from you 💬

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