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  • 33 yrs
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My projects


A commenting and community platform for Ghost blogs, built on top of memberships.

cove.chat ›


A service offering Ghost installations and updates for non-developers.

gloat.dev ›

Tools for Ghost

A directory of the best hosting and add-ons for Ghost publications.

toolsforghost.com ›


My SaaS product that makes selling and managing magazine subscriptions easy, powering $1.8m in sales so far.

subsail.com ›


A tool for football fans and collectors to record football shirt history and log their own collections.

kitstory.co ›


Magpile is a huge user-managed reference to more than 20,000 magazines and issues.

magpile.com ›

Mag Heroes

My podcast in which I talk to magazine makers. Four seasons since 2013.

magheroes.net ›

Other past work

Stack Magazines subscriptions ›

I built a custom API-based subscription solution based on Chargebee, Stripe and GoCardless, plus a backend with data processing and syncing with Mailchimp and Newsstand.

Offscreen Magazine e-commerce ›

I built Offscreen's bespoke e-commerce and subscription system, powered by a custom API offering payments with PayPal and Stripe, plus a powerful backend system.


I designed and built a weekly magazine deal site for Stack, with Stripe payments and a custom backend including Mailchimp and Newsstand integrations.

Magpile Awards

I ran Magpile's annual awards program for indepedent magazines between 2012 and 2014. Nominations were made by Magpile users, with award shortlists judged by industry professionals and experts.


A complete website builder platform specifically for magazines. 2013—2014.


A location-based social football commentary web app giving fans the chance to send updates from games, using the Twitter and Gowalla APIs.


The Magazine Blueprint (book)

Ethos magazine, issue 3

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Musotrees, issue 3

Stack Magazines: Behind the scenes: Mag Heroes podcast

Offscreen, issue 9

InPublishing: A Golden Age of Print

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