Dan Rowden

Designer & developer

Dan Rowden

I'm a web developer from England who has been building on the web for 25 years.

I currently work as 👨🏻‍💻 Developer Experience Engineer at Loops as well as running a handful of indie web projects.

My current focus on nights and weekends is ⚽️ The Matchball, a new play-along fantasy/prediction game for football fans.

My products

The Matchball

A new fantasy-football-like game for football fans.



Themes and expert support for Ghost-powered sites and newsletters.



An affordable Ghost host for blogs and newsletters.



Twitter analytics. Detailed engagement and follower metrics.



How to set up multiple email addresses from a single Gmail account 

Why I've gone back to Django for my new thing 

Why I picked a new framework over Django for my new thing 

I'm building a “reply inbox” for Twitter 

I’m starting a podcast 

“No More Mondays” has launched today.

I’m starting a podcast
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